Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Avon's Arrived || Recent Brochure Purchases!

Hey Guys!

So first of all, hello! I hope you all still remember my little space on the internet as it's been so long since I posted! I've just been super busy, but now it's the summer holidays, and I've got lots of plans for exciting posts for the future, so stay tuned! Secondly, IT'S SUMMER! That means sun and relaxing, and even though I've actually got quite a bit of school work to do, I'm so happy to just have some time off. So anyway back to today's post. Obviously I've missed a few Avon's Arrived posts and so I thought that I'd just share with you the things I've got and have been loving from the most recent brochures!

In my opinion, Avon has been releasing some really exciting new products for summer, and I've just been loving all of their products recently! First thing I want to talk about is the new Avon Solutions BB Gentle Beauty Balm Matte.

This has been my absolute go-to product in the recent abnormal heat in England. So obviously there is a lot of BB creams on the market nowadays, but I'm so much more attracted to this for all of the different qualities it has. A big winner for me is the matte element, as oily skin is bad enough with heat as well, and I do find that this keeps my skin oil free for a decent amount of time. It also has SPF15 and is hypo allergenic, and this just makes it even better for use in the summer. It has quite strong orange undertones, and I have the shade Light which can be a bit dark on me, but with a tan, good blending or bronzer, it really creates a natural, smooth finish to the skin. 

Another new product range from Avon is certain products that come in different shades specific for eye colours. This is one of the new range of colours of the Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad in the shade Satin for Browns.

There is four new quads for brown, blue, green and hazel eyes, all with colours that compliment that specific eye colour to enhance them. I have brown eyes, so have gone for this palette, and  I absolutely love it! Before this I hadn't really tried any blue toned eyeshadows, but after trying it out I am really enjoying it. These Avon quads are so great, each shade is numbered, and related to a specific part of the eye. For this palette, there is 1-a matte white shade for highlighting, 2-a shimmery light pink shade for the lid, 3-a light grey/blue partly shimmery shade for crease work, and 4-a quite bright navy blue for the outer v area. I've used all of these colours together, and they create such a nice look, which can be subtle for daytime, or made more dramatic with the darker shades. Avon eyeshadows are also really creamy and pigmented, with good staying powder, so if you're looking for a really useful palette, this will be your new best bud!

Next is the Avon Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick in the colour Pink Punch. So these lipstick formulas aren't new, but they have revamped some of the colours for a 'bold' range. 

There is a huge variety of new colours going from pinks to oranges to deep plums, and I went for a summery colour, and wow these are bright. I don't really think the photo does this lipstick justice, as it is the brightest pink lipstick with a tiny orange hint. The actual formula is also very good; they have a creamy texture for smooth application, and last for ages without smudging. The main thing about these lipsticks for me is the amazing value for money. I think these cost around £5, and for the high quality lipstick you're getting, it is SO worth it.

Another great product for summer is the new Avon Extra Lasting Eye Shadow Ink. Obviously as part of the 'Extra Lasting' range, these products are designed to have a long staying power, but with eyeshadow on hot summer days, I can still find that most powder eyeshadows will end up creasing. 

With these 'inks' it just means that your eyeshadow will stay even longer. I've got the colour Forever Bronze which is a high-shimmer dark bronze shade. Now obviously you can wear these alone as the colour payoff is really good, but I've been loving using it on top of primer and under eyeshadow to give more depth and staying power to bronzey looks. 

Lastly is another new product which comes in a range of shades based on eye colour; the Avon Outstanding Eyes Dual-Ended Kohl Eyeliner, and I have the shade Brown Shimmer.

This is simply a two sided eyeliner, one dark side for definition and drama, and the other for highlighting. So for brown eyes there is a dark brown end which has a slight gold shimmer, and I've been wearing this in the upper tight line and smudged into the outer upper lash line. The other end is a shimmery cream-nude shade, that is intended for the bottom tight line/lash line and highlighting. I have very watery eyes, and so wasn't overly impressed when this side didn't stay in my water line, but it is great to use as an inner-corner highlight and brow highlight. There are many eyeliners about which offer the same as this, but I just think it's super useful to have both shades in one!

So I hoped you enjoyed reading, and keep your eyes peeled for lots of posts throughout August!