Friday, 8 November 2013

e.l.f Cosmetics Haul || Autumn Makeup

Hey guys! So I recently ordered a massive box of makeup from e.l.f (eyes, lips, face) cosmetics because they had a 50% sale off. Their products are really good value anyway, but I just couldn't resist getting some autumn makeup!

First I got a few brushes from their normal and professional range.

The first is the Professional Eyelash & Brow Comb. I absolutely love this beause I normally use just an eyebrow comb, but this is so much quicker and easier, and also blends in eyebrow powder filler really nice and naturally. So yeah this is definitely worth it and I'll be using it everyday from now on. 
Then I got the Small Angles Brush, and I've found this to be perfect for applying eyeliner. It's super thin which means you can get a really tiny line, and it's the best eyeliner brush I've got and I love it.
Next is the Professional Eye Crease Brush, and this is my favourite brush at the minute. It's the exact size of the crease of your eyelid and so is perfect for running eyeshadow through the lid. It's quite a flat top brush, but the actual shape looking down onto it is a very small circle, and this makes it a perfect eyeshadow brush.

Then I got some of their lipsticks in the shades Voodoo and Sociable.

Voodoo is a dark red, burgundy shade that applies really nicely, and Sociable is a bright, berry pink. Both of these lipsticks have a lovely texture, soft and creamy but they stick very well, but the best thing is the smell. They're really fruity and fresh and ah they just smell good! The only negative I'd have is the the tubes are quite stiff to twist up, and because they don't twist all the way down, I keep on catching the too of the bullet on the lid. But apart from that thumbs up all round.

Next I got the Contouring Blush & Bronzer in the shade Turks Caicos.

I was initially attracted to this combination because all summer I've been wearing a quite bright pink blushes, and just thougt this would be a nice transition into more dark, autumnal colours. The blush is a shimmery, muted peach tone, and the bronzer is a shimmery, orange-brown. The bronzer is really good and you only need a little to contour with, and the blush is really natural. Both of the shades look really nice together, and you can add more to go from a wearable daytime look, to a more dramatic look.

Next is the High Definition Undereye Setting Powder in Sheer.

This stuff is literally amazing, my favourite product of the haul by far. Basically it's a really thin, translucent setting powder, and you put it on top of a creamy, Undereye concealer, to make it last all day. I really lovethis because it really blends your concealer into your foundation, and makes under the eyes super soft all day.

Then we have the Cream Eyeshadow, and I hav the colour Dawn.

Firstly, I really lie the packaging of the eye products, I think they look really good, but the actual hole for the product is quite small. This product is really good. It's a shimmery gold cream eyeshadow, which I've been loving as a base for a smoky eye look. It goes really well with deep reds, browns and bronzes, so makes the perfect colour for blending.ot also lasts really well and stays shimmery for a long time.

Lastly is the Single Eyeshadow in the shade Amethyst.

I absolutely love this because I think it's really dark and autumnal, but also really wearable. It's a dark reddy-brown shadow with tiny specks of gold glitter. It applies practically the same shade as in the case, but when blended out it turns slightly bronzer. I just really love this shade as you can wear it with lots of different looks.

So yeah, I hope you liked my e.l.f Haul because I really do like the products. They're so good for the price they are, and I'd really recommend trying them out!