Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Summer Topshop Collection!

Ok so I have a slight obsession with nail varnishes (I call two shelves full slight!), and when I went shopping at the weekend I couldn't help buying some of the new Topshop Summer 2013 Range!

They are all such cute pastel colours which are so summery and go with so many outfits! 

I bought the far left one above which is Boy Next Door which is like a minty green-blue colour. I love this colour because it is so bright and colourful!

It paints really nicely onto the nail because it is quite thick but I did have to use two layers to get a full colour. I've worn it for about three days now and it hasn't really chipped so thumbs up on that front! Another thing is that it actually dries really fast and is really shiny which I love!
Now I wear quite a lot of gold jewellery and I think that this colour goes so nicely with gold and it also makes your hand look really tanned so I can imagine in summer wearing this colour to show off my tan!

So yeah this is such a good nail varnish and for £5 I think it is definitely worth it, and I will be going out and buying some more for summer!