Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Avon Haul! || Brochure 10

Hey guys!
Ok so today is one of my favourite days because my Avon order arrived (woo!). And surprisingly I didn't buy any nail varnishes (!) but I do have my eye on a few in the next few campaigns! So yeah I thought I'd show you what I got from this months Avon.

First thing I am VERY excited about using because it a completely new product to Avon and I actually haven't seen one like it anywhere else.
It is the Avon Manicure Set and is basically an electronic nail device which has four different heads that you slot in, and when you switch it on, they spin round really fast so when you put it to your nail it just works. The four heads are (from left to right above) a Flat Emery Tool for shaping and filing nails, a Buffer Tool which polishes nails to a natural shine, a Stone Tool to flatten and smooth thick nails and rippled surfaces, and a Diamond Tool for shaping/contouring nails and removing dead skin around the cuticle. 
Now I've only briefly tried this out but so far so good! It works really well and also looks really professional because it comes in a little case. The only bad thing is that I didn't realise it didn't come with a battery but obviously it's not hard to go out an buy one, because I definitely think it is worth it!

Next is a 100ml tub of Avon Care Rich Moisture Nourishing Face Cream.
So I bought this because my other moisturiser has run out and I think this one was on offer for half price or something, so was really cheap. First of all, it smells AMAZING! It smells really fresh and clean and ah yeah just really nice and summery. Also it is really thick but it sink in really fast so it doesn't sit on the skin for ages. Yeah I really like this product because I apply it at night and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels nice and hydrated.

The next product I am very excited to try and it is the Avon Clearskin Professional Blemish Mark Treatment.
So this is a spot treatment which helps to encourage growth of new skin around a blemish. It says use 2-3 times a week so I will try it out and then review it later. It smells really nice and has a little roller-ball applicator for easy use. So yeah fingers crossed it works because it means that spots will disappear really quickly!

Next is another new product from them which is the Avon Nail Wraps in True Zebra.
So I've tried some nail wraps before by other brands and really liked them so couldn't resist trying these out. This was the simplest design I thought and I think that some weren't very appealing to me but maybe they're aimed at a younger market, I don't know. But yeah they look really nice and you get 18 wraps in each packet so if one comes off you can reapply it, but yeah I will post when I put them on to show what they're like.

Finally is lipstick. For some reason I always end up buying new lipsticks from Avon even though I have loads already but oh well! So this time I got Avon Colour Style Lipstick in Palest Pink and then the Avon Colortrend Kiss'n'Go Lipstick in Wild Plum.
So the first, pink lipstick I know I will love because I already have a few of these lipsticks which I have reviewed before in my Avon Favourites Post. They are mini lipsticks that are super cute and are also really moisturising and I absolutely love these lipstick and wear them everyday. I chose a very pale pink colour because its very neutral but also girly and it has a slight shine in it so I thought that it would be good for summer.
The second lipstick is very different! It's a very plum colour which I bought because I thought I'd be a bit adventurous because I don't own a colour as dark as this. From the looks of it I will love this lipstick because, as you can see from the swatch, it isn't overly pigmented so you can build up layers depending on how dark you want it. It is also so soft and doesn't settle into the little wrinkles of your lips. So yeah really like this so far!

Well thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it, and if you want to order any products from Avon then go to the website and select Find Your Representative, then you can order products from Avon for yourself!