Monday, 17 June 2013

Models Own Scented Nail Varnish

Hey guys, so as you may have seen in my recent haul I bought the Models Own Scented Nail Varnish in Banana Split. It's a pastel yellow nail varnish with a scented lid and is a really nice colour for summer.

I was super excited to try this because on the top, as you can see, there is a scratch & sniff panel which, once scratched, smells of really sweet bananas! I think if smells of like banana milkshake and its absolutely delicious woo! 
As I painted my nails it was really nice. Due to the very pale colour it needed two coats but looks really nice on, and I think it's a perfect colour for summer!
To begin (after it dried) it did smell a bit like bananas but I don't think it lasted very long so if you want an actual scented polish then I wouldn't suggest getting this, but if you want a pastel, summery colour, then try these out because the whole range is gorgeous!

I really love these nail varnishes and even if you don't buy one, definitely go and scratch all the lids in the shops because they are SO nice!