Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tropic Skincare || Brow Kit

Hey guys, ok so I recently received my Tropic Skincare Brow Kit which consists of a Brow Define, a Brow Stencil Set and the A1 Brow Brush.
Tropic Skincare is an all organic range of makeup from The Apprentice runner-up Susan Ma who got backing from Lord Sugar after appearing on the show to help found this amazing range. It's completely chemical free and all of their products aren't tested on animals so everything is very nice and friendly. 
Before now I've tried their Skincare products but they recently introduced a new makeup range and so couldn't resist trying the brow kit.
First is the Brow Define which is a mini-palette which has two parts. The first is a dark brown powder which is used for filling in the brows, and then there is the creamy, pale highlight which is used under the brows. I love this so far because it is the perfect colour for my brows and when you brush it in, it looks so natural.
Next is the accompanying brush that is double-ended, so more for your money (?!). The first, business end is the angled brush which is specifically for filling in your brows to achieve a natural look. The second end is a fluffy brush which is for the highlight. This brush is so soft and really good for doing your brows with.
Last is the Brow Stencil Set which personally I don't think I will use very much, but everything came in a offer so I've got them anyways. They are basically sheets which you place over your eyebrow to get the right shape. They are very good and have 4 different shapes, so I'm sure there will be one that suits everyone.

Overall I love this Brow Set, and even though its not exactly the cheapest you can find, I think that it's totally worth the money because of all its good properties and high quality, and also I think that's its one of those products that will last for ages and I will still love it all year round!