Saturday, 15 February 2014

Avon's Arrived! || Brochure 04

Hey Guys!

The Avon has arrived from Brochure 04, but I'm a bit late posting this because I wanted to try them out first before I properly talked about them. I didn't really get much from this brochure, but the things I got are completely new, so thought I'd try them out and give you a preview of them.

So as you can see I only got two things, one make-up and one skincare, but I've been trying them out for a week or two so can give you guys a decent review instead of just a brief explanation. 

So first is the Avon Solutions Balanced + Matte Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

This is one of the new products from their 'balanced + matte' range, and I was especially looking forward to trying this out because I do get quite oily skin. It is a white face mask, that dries to quite a crumbly, like clay masks tend to do. The texture is really nice to apply, quite thick and not too runny, and also nice and smooth - it sometimes makes a nice change to have a face mask without the little granules in it. It dries relatively quickly - about 5-10 minutes depending on the thickness of the layer - and dries with lots of cracks, but you can tell from the colour which parts are still soft. The actual facial benefits of this mask is really good I think. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth, and I have noticed a slight reduction in the oiliness of  my skin. For what, maybe a few pounds, that this is a really good face mask, even just for a general deep cleanse, and I'm really looking forward to trying out some of the other products in the same range. 

Next I got the Avon Ideal Flawless 'CC' Colour Corrector Cream, and I have the shade Ivory. 

I was super excited to try this, because it claims to have loads of great qualities, and honestly I wasn't that disappointed. It is basically a light foundation, mixed with a bit of moisturiser and SPF 50. It is quite thin which means that it isn't the easiest foundation to apply, especially with a brush, and it takes a while to dry on the skin. It gives a very dewy finish, which I can sometimes find a bit too much, so you may sometimes have to use a light hand. As I've said it's not as thick as a normal foundation but it's perfect to wear on a day when you don't want to wear heavy make-up or if you've having a spate of dry skin or something. It lasts really well, and I find the colour is a really good match to my skin. It stays nice and smooth all day, and overall is a really great product! I can really see it being a go-to face base during summer, so stay tuned!