Saturday, 1 March 2014

Avon's Arrived || Brochure 05

Hey Guys!

From this month's Avon it's fair to say that I definitely strayed a bit from the comfort zone, and tried a few new products!

Yeah so I got a few of their new products to try out, and so far I'm really impressed with them. It really impresses me how Avon bring out new products all the time, from make up to skincare, all with different properties and uses. But yeah, the first thing I got is the Avon Solutions Balanced + Matte Night Gel.

In my last Avon post (here) I briefly talked about the new range of skincare for oily skin types, and how much I liked the face mask, so of course I had to get the other products from the range. This is their night moisturising cream. Its a really thick, smooth gel that you apply at night, after you've taken off all your make up and done your normal skincare routine, and leave it to soak in before you have your beauty sleep. I really love this product and I've really noticed a difference in my skin. Because of the thick texture, you definitely should apply it at night to give it a fair amount of time to soak in, but you wake up in the morning with soft, moisturised skin. Obviously it hasn't solved the problem of oily skin, but it definitely helps to reduce the time it takes for my skin to be noticeably oily. So yeah really love this cream, and it's a really decent night cream.

Next is the third and final product from this new range, and that's the Avon Solutions Balanced + Matte Self-Foaming Cleanser. 

This is a really great and quick before bed cleansing product, as it is so easy to apply and wash off. It may be lazy, but I don't tend to use face scrubs or just products that you have to rub onto your face and wash off, because I just find using a liquid cleansing product on say a cotton wool pad so much quicker. However, this product is completely different, and it literally takes seconds to use. It's basically a foam-cleanser, which when you pump it onto your hand, the foam expands; so you don't even need to use a lot of product. I tend to use maybe 1-2 pumps every time I use it. Once you've rubbed it in, it sort of reduces to just a liquid texture, and that makes it super easy to just rinse off. I really like this product as it leaves my skin feeling super soft every night, and paired with the cream above, it just makes the perfect combo!

The next product is a bit random, as you could probably buy one from anywhere, but I just thought I'd get it to try out. It's the Avon Planet Spa Face Mask Brush.

I guess you could get any sort of stiff synthetic make up brush to use for applying a face mask, but I just like the idea of having a brush purely for face masks to avoid other brushes getting dirty. But yeah it is just a dense, square and flat brush, that is just the perfect size for getting a product all over your face, and I really love the fact that it saves you getting the face mask all over your hands when you're still trying to apply it! So yeah quite a simple purchase, but one that I know I'll use all the time.

Next is one of Avon's new make up products and that is the Avon Colour Correcting Palette. 

This is a four-toned concealer wheel, that is used to correct certain colourings in the face. There is (going clockwise):
pink - used to brighten the skin and counteract dark circles under the eyes for people with pale skin
nude - a general concealer to cover any blemishes and imperfections
yellow - counteracts any redness in the skin or dark circles with purple undertones
orange - counteracts blue tones in the skin for example dark circles or visible veins in the eyelid

This is really a great product, and people get scared by having different colours to work with, but as long as you know a) the undertones in the target areas of your skin and b) the correct colour to use with it, It's such a great product to own, since it really makes a difference to the finished look of the makeup. These formulas are really smooth and not too thin which is great, and it sits well under other concealers, still giving a great finish. So yeah this is a great product, and everyone should look into a good correction palette!

Have you/Do you want to try any of these Avon products?